Chaire de recherche en partenariat sur l'attractivité et l'innovation en tourisme (Québec – Charlevoix)


18 September 2018

14 September 2018

29 August 2018

Quebec and Charlevoix regions are closely linked as far as geography and touristic resources are concerned. And because of their accessibility through means of ground, air and water transportation, both regions can hope to increase their tourism development. Furthermore, in order to remain profitable, tourism businesses must constantly innovate and try to attract new tourists while retaining their existing local clienteles. Quebec and Charlevoix’s strengths are also matched with great challenges in terms of recruiting and training highly skilled employees for whom specific and scientific knowledge must be made available.For over 60 years, the Saint-Laurent River, landscapes and the unique architecture have been attracting tourists in the Quebec and Charlevoix regions. Tourism is a multisectorial industry encompassing several trades (ex. transportation, hospitality, agribusiness), and it is closely linked to their inhabitants and to the territories onto which touristic products get developed. Representing the excellence of the «Capitale-Nationale» region, tourism is now facing fierce international competition from many other destinations worldwide. These destinations are constantly investing to enhance their attractiveness.

In this context, and considering the vast potential for further developing tourism in the Quebec and Charlevoix regions, Université Laval wishes to contribute to their growth with the creation of this research chair dedicated to innovation and attractiveness in tourism. It will serve as a facilitator for product innovation and foster best practices within tourism organisations.

Laurent Bourdeau, Ph.D.
Professeur, Département de géographie
Université Laval